Feng Shui For Business

Feng Shui For Business Success

After my last blog post "The Zen of Entrepreneurship: 7 Ways to Make Your Life Easier", I was able to connect with a fellow eWomen's Network member Gail Cole, a feng shui expert.  I asked if she had any tips for the beauty & wellness industry that are inline with this ancient method of arranging your business, specifically for our industry.  She delightfully arranged 10 Feng Shui principles to help you get even more Zen with your business. Gail has written this mostly with the spa & wellness business in mind, so if you are a nail tech or hair salon owner who wants the vibe to feel more jazzy, you can still use the same principles but with a twist (eg. music would be more up beat and wall colours could be more vibrant).

So...here is Gail's article.  Enjoy!


feng shui
feng shui

How you set up your office environment supports the success of your business.

Then how do we create a warm welcoming environment in a health related office setting that attracts good Feng Shui energy?

Use the 10 tips below to improve how you and your clients feel and watch how things lead you to a speedy recovery!

1.  Signage - Is the entrance and registration desk clearly marked (ie. outside the door, on the door and behind the counter on the wall)?  The business name should be clearly seen in these places.  This attracts good energy.

2.  Images - Do the images, ie. art on the wall portray positive messages?  Is it calming and relaxing?  Use lighthearted sayings or pictures.

3.  Reception Area - Is the reception area in the power position?  ie. Can you see who is coming in the door?  Is your back against a solid wall?

4.  Communication - Is the receptionist friendly and helpful?  You may be and you also want your staff to be.

5.  Lighting - Does the entrance and office have lots of natural or artificial light?  This lifts the energy.

6.  Waiting Area - Are you comfortable and relaxed here?

7.  Music - Is the background music soft and calming?

8.  Colours - Do the colours on the walls make you feel warm and cozy?

9.  Furniture - Is the furniture comfortable?

10.  Plants - Are there plants to enhance the space, bring nature and live energy inside?

By Gail Cole, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Victoria, BC.


Gail Cole - Certified Feng Shui Practioner
Gail Cole - Certified Feng Shui Practioner

Our living and working environments powerfully reflect how we feel each day.  Feng Shui is a simple, practical way of enhancing your life.  As a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, I am committed to helping people create a positive living and working environment with Feng Shui changes.  My valued clients range from residential, offices, and landscape.

I have recently completed my new eBook on Selling Your Home with Feng Shui which is available by emailing me or through my website.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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