Feeling Unorganized With Your Spa Ideas?

We are in the first week of 2019 and it feels good to have a fresh start! Over the past few weeks we have been learning to protect ourselves from burnout and have talked quite a bit about our spa goals for 2019.

Creating goals for the New Year is such a fun part of owning a spa business. Sitting down to think of how far your spa has come and how you plan to grow your spa this next year is one of the more enjoyable tasks.

Once you have your vision and goals set, often times we get stuck. We know what we want. We know what we want to accomplish with our spa, but we just aren’t sure what our next steps are and then before you know it we are thrown right back into the day to day of running a spa and our goals get pushed to the side before we even start to implement.

If have clear goals but you are disorganized or feeling a bit scattered when it comes to your action steps and implementation, it means that there is a system within your business that needs to be put in place. If you have big goals when it comes to marketing but feel so confused when it comes to bringing your goals to life, it is likely that you need a marketing system. If you have a goal to really nail down your social media content but you already find yourself struggling to know what to post then you need to have a content system put in place.

Wherever the breakdown is when it comes to putting action plans to your goals in place, a system needs to be implemented for a permanent fix.

Registration is now open for the 2019 Winter/Spring Business Labs, and this is THE perfect place to get your action plan nailed down and put in motion. You do not need to worry about “where to start” with your goals, I start with a strategy call to discuss the initiative you are working on and throughout the lab I walk you through the entire process helping you to not only create, but implement action steps to help you reach your goal. On top of that, it is a mastermind setting, which means you will be able to listen in on the calls of those who are in your group. It is such a huge benefit to be able to listen in on what fellow spa owners are putting into place. It could inspire you to add more growth initiatives to your list that you never thought of before! Or, you could have an instance where you hear advice on another spa element that you have been working on.

My Monday sessions are full, but I still have Tuesday openings available! Click Here for more information and to register for the labs!