Energy Management for Service Providers

As an esthetician, I've always struggled with how to manage my energy. It's an integral part of my personality to give to others. But at the end of busy work day in the spa, giving treatments and connecting with clients often came at the expense of my energy levels. Especially at the beginning of my career, each day I was left feeling drained and wondered how I was going to manage this month after month, year after year. I thought I eventually figured it out, but after getting to know someone who specializes in Energy Managment, I realize I have been missing some key tactics to preserving my energy at the spa.

I interviewed a friend of mine, Arne Pederson, about what he teaches other services providers who are striving to find the work/life balance when working so intimately with people in their careers.

After many years of personal growth, training in Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing, Arne still struggled with personal issues and energy drains that came up for him when seeing clients. He knew that if he didn't learn how to keep his personal baggage out of his sessions and to properly manage his energy, he would not only be doing a dis-service to his clients with limited success, but he would also burn out and not be able to do what he loved.

After a few years of working through these challenges, Arne created a very productive system that solved these issues. He now teaches other Holistic Practitioners and Service Providers who are struggling with managing their energy and personal blocks from limiting their work with their clients, how to resolve these issues so they can be their best in doing what they love in helping others.

Have a listen!


You connect with Arne and download Arne's free gift "4 Tips to Manage your Energy with Clients" here.