Do You Have Financial Back Up?

This post is for all wanna-be spa owners. And it’s also for seasoned owners to reflect and remember, “Ah, yes…that was a tough year!” While it’s incredibly exciting to finally hang your spa shingle up and shout out that you are open for business, the day you open your spa is the day you enter a very difficult period of entrepreneurship.

It’s a year that requires financial backup… or you may not make it.

There is a tendency in small business to focus all your planning and budgeting efforts on the build out. And assume clients will see your new sign and be calling to fill your schedule.

This expectation couldn’t be further from the truth. And when new owners realize that no one is beating down the door for appointments, they are easily discouraged…and quite possibly, eventually broke.

The first 12 months of your new business will need financial support, by either saving a nest egg for personal and operating expenses or have family that can support you during that time.

If you're a spa owner already...what was your experience? How did you get through your first year of business?