Difficult Conversations: Are You Prepared?

There is nothing worse than knowing you have to have a serious conversation with a member of your staff about performance, or concerns, or anything else that falls under that difficult category. 

The thought process we go through leading up to it is the worst.

The anxiety and discomfort builds and builds until we finally pull the rip cord and make it happen.  Usually, though not always, the build up is far worse than the actual conversation ends up being.  But fear of the unknown, the worry; Will this be successful?  How will the be received? Will there be fall out? Is what keeps us paralyzed from pushing through it. 

In this weeks blog post I talk more in depth about the 5 step process to get yourself mentally prepared in a way that allows you to come from a place of curiosity not frustration.  Where you can respond rather than react.  Where you can drive the conversation in a way that serves you and your business.