Customized Spa Biz Training

After being a ‘giver’ in the spa industry for 25 years, I truly appreciate receiving highly customized service. I love the exclusive treatment and the attention to detail to my needs when I choose this route. The result? My confidence gets a huge power boost and I suddenly feel a comfortable boldness to be much more visible in the world. In business, this confidence and fearlessness are essential ingredients to financial success.

For the past few weeks I've compared the different levels of business training to wedding dress shopping. In this example I'm looking at how Private Coaching is like hiring a designer to custom-make your gown. You wanted THE perfect design: one that is in tune with your body (business model), skin tone (the details of your biz) & personality (your personal goals within your business).

For the Custom-Designed wedding dress you choose to a well-respected designer with your ideas (and probably many magazine clippings) of what you think you want your wedding gown to look like. And although you were certain you wanted a strapless dress with a mermaid skirt in white, the designer took one look at your body shape and skin tone and recommended a sleeveless dress in cream would be a much more flattering wedding dress for you.

Only when she mentions this issue, do you realize her expertise is correct and you were thankful for her honesty. You are spending a lot of time and money for this dress and your expectations are high...and she doesn't disappoint. For the next few months, you have regularly scheduled fittings and alterations so you and your gown are ready for the monumental, happy event.

Private coaching gives you much the same outcome. You initially come to your coach with an idea of where you think you should be in your business. You may have successfully actioned out some ideas over a period of time, but you are not confident about what to do next. You are chomping at the bit to move business along faster and with fewer headaches and you need an expert in business strategy to take your spa to the next level.

In private coaching (similar to the designer deciding on the best style for your dress) a coach will spend a great deal of time analyzing your spa business and will create a customized strategy for you to follow for the next 6 to 12 months. And just like those dress fittings, you have monthly coaching sessions to help you stay on track of your goals.

The goal of private coaching is to be on the fastest-track of your business growth and keep you accountable throughout the process. Yes, it does have a much higher price tag than DIY business training, but you move much more quickly & seamlessly through the growth process. And whereas Group Coaching gives you personalized advice (but with the rest of the class listening and participating for the good of the group to learn), Private Coaching is devoted to giving you advice on the inner workings your spa business, 100% of the time.

There is a lot on the line with your spa business and you don't want to make rash buying decisions. Knowing which method of business training fits your needs is crucial.

Cash-strapped but are willing to do the work yourself? Go with DIY and stay strong with your follow through.

Ready to ramp up your business education but can't quite afford Private Coaching? Join a paid Group Coaching Program and take advantage of collaborative learning so you can reach a point that Private Coaching is in your budget.

Tired of doing it on your own and just want a detailed plan of Action Steps laid out for you? You are ready to hit the jets with Private Coaching.

These different levels of coaching programs will move you to success at varying speeds. However, regardless of which kind of learning you decide (DIY, Group or Private) and whomever you decide to work with, your level of commitment and motivation will be the defining factor for your business success. You still have to do the work.

PS. Your coach has a coach! It would be really hypocritical of me to suggest you try using a business coach if I didn't use one myself. I've done all levels of business training but Private Coaching has, by far, moved me faster and more deeply into understanding, strategizing and actioning daily and weekly tactics to reach my goals.


Not sure which level of business training is the best fit for your business development, set up a time to chat with me. I have your best interests at heart and promise to give you honest feedback. You can schdule your 30 min call with me here.