Customer Service Scripts Save the Day & the Sale

Customer service scripts can save the day and can save the sale in your spa business.

Most teams should be using customer service scripts, but if you are a new solo spa owner and struggling to explain your business to your clients, this is for you too!

You want to have scripts, especially as a team, because everyone shows up with their own ways of communicating. Your spa staff does not have to come off sounding robotic or corporate, customer service scripts are just another part of your operations system that helps your spa staff get used to speaking the language you want them to speak.

Customer service scripts save the day because you as the spa owner and manager can't spend your day running around reminding a staff member how to explain a service or product more effectively. Having scripts as cheat sheets for your spa staff can take a lot of pressure off you as an owner and empowers your team to do their job better. And when you have a team that feels empowered to do their job, they feel more confident in theirs, which will allow them and the spa as a whole to be much more successful.

Today I want to touch on two types of scripts that you absolutely need in your spa business.

Sales and Service Scripts for New Spa Staff

 Unclear wording = Unclear results

The result you want is for the client to book recommended services, re-book a service or purchase products but when your staff cannot communicate this clearly & professionally to the guest, it can lead to guests feeling confused or irritated. And if the client is confused about what you are trying to sell them, they will say no. At this point, you could lose the sale or even possibly lose the client. Remember this: “A confused mind will always say no."

Scripts For Policies and Conflict

Policies can be an area where there is friction with team members. If you don't have clear scripts for your front line staff to follow it can cause plenty of anxiety when they are having to enforce a policy such as having to charge a clients credit card if they no-show. If we are relying on our spa staff members own ability to communicate in stressful situations, things can go terribly awry. We need to have clear scripts in these situations that help the staff member move the client through the process.

Your reception team should not be responsible for a client that is freaking out, so there also needs to be a script and system for escalating spa policy issues or conflict to the owner or manager.

Having customer service scripts can allow everyone to be on the same page about sales and service which, in turn, will allow your spa to run more efficiently and mitigate any problems that you might be having with communication.

An excellent place to identify if you are having any problems with your spa staff communication is your Client Retention metric. You can pull Client Retention reports from many spa software systems such as Booker, Mindbody and Millennium. If your retention is not at least 60% for new spas and 85-90% for established spas I would recommend you start with your customer service scripts asap. Something along the guest experience has gone wrong & customer service scripts are an easy first step. Just document what you would say!

If you need any support in your spa business, creating scripts, handbooks or operations manuals, I am here to help. Contact me, and we can chat about what your spa business (and personal life!) would look like if it were systemized & running smoothly.