Contractors vs Employees and Your Spa

Many spa owners choose to hire independent contractors vs employees. This business model makes sense as it decreases the amount of paper work and expense you find with employees. Utilizing private contractors can cut down on time and energy.


One of the risks with this is you may come across contractors who are not following or keeping with the standards or brand you are looking to portray. This can severely impact how your business is being portrayed.

How do you handle it? The real answer is there is little you can do to force them to change but you can 

Document the Issue - be prepared and confident and stick with the facts

Create a contract that includes the expectations so you can refer back to it and invite a conversation about ending the contract. 

This is one of may ways how having contractors differs from having employees , both come with a long list of pros and cons. But one of many things to consider then making your decision. 

An interesting start to a long and complicated topic.