Client Retention: 4 Easy Tips For Retaining Your Spa Clients

Last week I talked about honing in on a December marketing plan for your spa, and this week I am following it up by talking about client retention. Having a client retention system for your spa is the second piece to any marketing plan: Your first step is to attract the client, the second step is to keep them coming back for more. If you are finding that clients are not returning to your spa then you have a leaky client retention system and it needs to be fixed before you spend any more time and money on your spa’s marketing.

Today I have 4 easy tips to follow to help you the spa owner keep your spa clients coming back over and over again! The best part? You can start implementing these tips today! Be sure to watch the video below as I go into detail to talk more about each tip!

Here are my 4 tips for retaining your spa clients:

1) Go through your client experience from the eyes of a client. Start with the booking process and go the entire way through to the post-service follow up call. Note any areas that may need addressed (I talk in-depth about this tip in the video below)

2) Fix the problems! Before you start your big December marketing push, be sure to tighten up each step of your spa’s client experience to ensure your new December spa clients become lifelong clients!

3) Give them a reason to come back! Use drawings or bounce back coupons to ensure a repeat visit!

4) Finish off with a follow-up call to hear more about their experience with your spa or to see if they have any questions.

Check out the video below as I share tons of additional information on each of these 4 steps!

If you are finding that there are just too many holes in your client retention system and you need additional coaching or support to get yourself on the right track, please CONTACT ME so we can set up a call to talk more about your spa!