Chapter 6: Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business

Branding is a huge topic. And to make it even more overwhelming, it's hard to narrow down exactly what you need to know to get started. To keep it simple, I'm giving you the essential elements you'll need to know to just get started. As you grow your business there is much more to learn about branding...but let's just begin with the basics first.

Module 1 - Branding 101

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I'm sure you've heard need to brand for your business...but what does that mean, exactly? I'm going to walk you through what branding entails for you and your business.

Module 2 - Claiming Your Ideal Client

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] You can't possibly become a super-star client attractor if you're not crystal clear as to who your ideal client is. I'm breaking it down for you right here. It's SO much more than just demographics plus it's a requirement for a successful business that you to nail it.

Module 3 - Creating Your Marketing Message

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] Your Marketing Message is THE message that will make you a client magnet rather than simply hoping a prospective client will try your services. After this tutorial, all your marketing material will boast this proud, clear message.

Module 4 - Where to Use Your Brand

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] So now that you know what your brand entails & how to be a clear communicator about it...where should you put it?

Module 4 - Websites & Facebook

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Module 5 - Marketing Strategies & Systems - Client Attraction

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