Chapter 5 You: The Golden Goose

The Golden Goose

YOU are the Goose laying the golden eggs in your business. So what are you going to do to when you feel pulled in 4 different directions (business, family, friends, you) What are you doing to take care of your goose so she keeps laying those lovely golden eggs?

Module 1 - Work/Life Balance

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We've all been trying to grasp the elusive 'work/life balance'. We keep being told a balance really exists. Find out why I believe this concept is total baloney and what you really need to know to feel joyful in your work & personal life.

Module 2 - Cut the Overwhelm

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You're going to get overwhelmed...it's a fact. What separates the successful entrepreneurs from poor is their ability to move through the overwhelm. This video will give you 5 practical strategies to kung-fu your way through the pressure.