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The $3000 Time Saver

So you’ve had your business for a while now.  You’re a massage therapist, a chiropractor, a hair stylist... You’re pretty busy.  Your schedule is mostly full.  Awesome!  Totally what you were hoping for.

But at this point you feel more busy than you should be with the administration of your biz...you know...booking appointments: doing your call backs, playing telephone tag trying to get them scheduled.  This happens wether you are a solo owner/operator or you work in a salon/spa/office where you cover where a receptionist should be.

It’s a frustrating accepted practice in a lot of wellness businesses.  Couldn’t you be using that time between clients for...ummm...another client?

Now on that note: have you thought about what those wasted, non-paying, no-client times are costing you?

Say you spend even 15 mins/day booking appointments (I’d say this is a very conservative number).

Multiply that by 5 days per week (75 mins).  Per month (5 hrs).  Per year (60 hrs).  And if you charge out $50/hr...that’s $3,000 per year that you are missing out on.  $3000!  I've gone on a 4 day trip to Hawaii for a third of that!

And for those of you who charge more than $50/hr...the total dollars you’re losing will be much much more!

It all adds up to lost revenue.  Big time.

Ok...I’ve pointed out that you're wasting your time & losing money by booking your own appointments.  So what to do about it?

Hire a receptionist?  For most of us solo-preneurs in the beauty & wellness industry, that path is just not good economical sense.

Well lucky for us we have booming technology that can work FOR us at a reasonable rate!

Online booking is where it’s at baby.

Even 5-6 years ago this option was cost-prohibitive for us little guys.  It involved having an expensive point of sale program installed your computer then adding on another pricey option for online booking.

Now, however, with cloud-based technology we can have all the bells & whistles of a online booking system for an affordable cost.

But wait!  Don’t stop there.

Having an online booking system connected to you website is a great move forward in saving you time & money (and don’t forget so handy for your clients!) but I want to point out another cloud-based feature you want to add to your biz to make it even more efficient.

In addition to an online booking system, I recommend you use a company that also includes point-of-sale, online marketing & reporting capabilities with it.

This will seriously make you look like you are ‘all that’ with your clients.

* Imagine reducing lost appointment times from no-show’s to zero with an automatic appointment reminder sent 48 hrs prior to their appointment.

* Imagine how much administrative time you’d save by using one click to send an appointment to the Point-of-Sale page which calculates all the taxes, tips & payment options...then transfers their service or product invoice automatically to their client file for your records.

* How much could your business grow if you could create highly targeted email marketing campaigns from your booking system’s email list? Or be able to sell instant, online gift certificates?

* How cool would your clients think you are if they could book their appointment on their smart phone?

* And finally...how wickedly smart would you think you are when you can access any sales or customer report with a click of a button? You would know the pulse of your business at any moment.

Powerful stuff. Smart stuff. Easy to implement stuff.

If I can share with you anything...the most important thing I would tell you is this:

Work smarter...not harder.  Channel your energy into what you do best: your service.  Leave the rest of the work to the experts.  In this case, the expert is a online appointment/point-of-sale system.

Do some online research on what other companies in your industry are using.  Compare what features they have.  Make notes as to which feels better for you.  Try a few demos. Then make a decision on which one you like best.

You won’t regret it.

We sell time in our industry…that's it.  And once that time is gone, we will never recoup the loss.  Time is money.

The cloud-based point-of-sale I have been using for my esthetics business for the past 4 years is called booker.com.  Yes, there has been a few glitches along the way...but as a whole I’ve been happy with their customer service and all the updates they provide for free.  I pay $25/month as a solo operator (it goes up incrementally with more staff and locations) which I feel is a fantastic value for making my life easier.

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 7.55.16 AM


Do you think that you’re ready to make the shift from a paper appointment book to a digital?  I agree…it can seem like a big task to take on if you've been using a paper book since time began!  But it's a much easier transformation than you think.

If you’re not feeling super confident about switching over, I have a 1 month system to help you make the transition painless.  In fact...you’ll feel down right confident by the time you launch your online booking!

 Let me know if I can help.





Go & Tell

So...you’ve got your skill. You’ve got your business idea. Now what?

Time to ‘OUT’ your business!

Yup. You’re in the ‘scary, exciting, omg-am-I-really-doing-this-buisness-thing, woo-hoo!’ phase.  Congrats! It’s a whole new, thrilling world you are about to enter!

But don’t be scared...I’m going to give you a HUGE tip to get started:

The most fastest, most cost effective way to ‘out’ your business is to create a Facebook Fan page.


#1 - It’s FREE!

#2 - YOU CONTROL ALL YOUR CONTENT. This is as opposed to a traditional website. With a Facebook Fan Page you’re not dependent on the time & money it takes for your web designer to make changes.

#3 - It has an incredible capacity to REACH ALL YOUR FRIENDS, your friends friends, and so on & so on. Think about that. That’s thousands of people!

#4 - Sharing your content happens INSTANTLY.

#5 - You have the ability to intertwine your personal life with your business life. This is a fairly new concept in business, one that the Big Businesses are having trouble with because they are so huge! Interestingly, these guys have been experimenting with their Facebook pages in an attempt to create a more personal feel. Here’s your leg-up on the Big Boys...you’re already a small business and your customers will trust you more if you are willing to share some of your life outside of business. The truth is when your prospects start feeling they know you, IT BOOSTS YOUR 'KNOW, LIKE & TRUST' FACTOR...and it’s much easier for you to convert them to new customer status!

#6 - You can create INEXPENSIVE ADS THAT ARE HIGHLY TARGETED. Facebook literally walks you through creating ads for your business and allows you to cap how much you want to spend.

#7 - You can CREATE EMAIL CAPTURES TO GROW YOUR LIST (note: the bigger your list, the more growing capabilities for your biz) through apps like Shortstack.

But does creating or updating a Facebook Fan Page feel overwhelming to you?

I must introduce you to Lunabean Media. This lovely couple from Oregon have created a series of bite-sized video tutorials that take you from knowing nothing about Facebook all the way to creating slick-looking contests and ad campaigns.

The class you want is called DIY Web Marketing.

If you already have some experience with Facebook you can simply jump in at the level you’re at! I highly recommend this series.

What about a website, you say?

You gotta do that too. But first…create your Facebook page because it's hands-down the quickest, most cost effective method to get yourself 'out there'.