Start Up Program

Chapter 6: Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business

Branding is a huge topic. And to make it even more overwhelming, it's hard to narrow down exactly what you need to know to get started. To keep it simple, I'm giving you the essential elements you'll need to know to just get started. As you grow your business there is much more to learn about branding...but let's just begin with the basics first.

Module 1 - Branding 101

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I'm sure you've heard need to brand for your business...but what does that mean, exactly? I'm going to walk you through what branding entails for you and your business.

Module 2 - Claiming Your Ideal Client

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] You can't possibly become a super-star client attractor if you're not crystal clear as to who your ideal client is. I'm breaking it down for you right here. It's SO much more than just demographics plus it's a requirement for a successful business that you to nail it.

Module 3 - Creating Your Marketing Message

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] Your Marketing Message is THE message that will make you a client magnet rather than simply hoping a prospective client will try your services. After this tutorial, all your marketing material will boast this proud, clear message.

Module 4 - Where to Use Your Brand

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] So now that you know what your brand entails & how to be a clear communicator about it...where should you put it?

Module 4 - Websites & Facebook

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Module 5 - Marketing Strategies & Systems - Client Attraction

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Chapter 5 You: The Golden Goose

The Golden Goose

YOU are the Goose laying the golden eggs in your business. So what are you going to do to when you feel pulled in 4 different directions (business, family, friends, you) What are you doing to take care of your goose so she keeps laying those lovely golden eggs?

Module 1 - Work/Life Balance

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We've all been trying to grasp the elusive 'work/life balance'. We keep being told a balance really exists. Find out why I believe this concept is total baloney and what you really need to know to feel joyful in your work & personal life.

Module 2 - Cut the Overwhelm

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You're going to get's a fact. What separates the successful entrepreneurs from poor is their ability to move through the overwhelm. This video will give you 5 practical strategies to kung-fu your way through the pressure.


Chapter 4 - Business Plans for Beginners

Writing a business plan isn't just for the highly financed & educated entrepreneur. You need to create a document to know your business inside & out, backwards & forwards without the emotional energy you have wrapped up in it. Trust me, the deeper & more clear you know what you're getting into, the higher and more expansive your success will be. It's about being prepared, knowledgable and keeping your eye on the prize...feeling passionate about what you do, confident as an entrepreneur and living the life you want. Creating your business plan will do just that.

Module 1 - How to Write a Business Plan

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] Don't freak out...this isn't going to be complicated. In fact, I'm going to walk you through what you need to know about your business plan and some resources to get you to the other side of it with ease.

Module 2 - Budgeting- Start Up Costs

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] Create a complete and thorough list of everything you'll need to take on your first client. I've given you all the pointers that you may not have thought about and which ones could have caused you some serious financial problems if it hadn't occurred to you.

Module 3 - Budgeting -Cash Flow Forecasting Worksheet (Introduction)

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] I had been a spa owner for 5 years before I was taught about the power of Cash Flow Forecasting. I have to say, it completely changed how I looked and managed my business from that moment on. I was suddenly clear about where my money was going, where the holes were and how I could change it to become more profitable. This tutorial will introduce you to what a Cash Flow Worksheet looks like and what it can do for you.

Module 4 - Cash Flow Forecasting Worksheet (Working Copy)

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Cash Flow Forecasting - Single Operator

Cash Flow Forecasting - With Employees You need to know how to read these documents so you can understand where your business is successful & where you need a major overhaul. Turning a blind eye to these statements is one of the best ways to run your business into the ground. They’re not hard to understand…just a little dry when you don’t know what you’re looking at. But that’s about to change for you!

*To download the Excel files in Firefox:

  1. Right click on the link
  2. Choose 'save link as'
  3. Choose where on your computer you would like to save them.

Module 5 - Profit/Loss and Balance Statements Demystified!

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] You need to know how to read these documents so you can understand where your business is successful & where you need a major overhaul. Turing a blind eye to these statements is one of the ways to run your business into the ground. They're not hard to understand...just a little dry when you don't know what you're looking at. But that's about to change for you!

Module 6 - Taxes

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Chapter 3 - Ready - Set - Go!

Ready, Set, Go!

I'm going to walk you through some of the business nuts & bolts that will get you started on the right path. No guess-work involved...just the facts.

Module 1 Government Requirements

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] Don't even think about starting your business without knowing exactly what's required from you.


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Module 2 - Banking & Merchant Services

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID]With a bank on every corner, how do you decide which one is best for your business?  This tutorial breaks down why you need a business account, how credit/debit cards work as a business owner and how it will boost your sales.

Module 3 - Online Booking Systems

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID]By ditching the paper appointment book you can make an extra $3,000/year.  Find out how & why this essential business system will save you time & money. With these systems, you'll look & feel like the well organized business leader you always wanted to be. For a detailed look at how you could save $3000 with an online booking system click here.

Module 4 - How to Price Your Services

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID]Trying to elbow your way into your industry with pricing can be either a slippery slope or your greatest strategy.  Make sure you know all the factors in order to position yourself correctly.   Take particular note of the final 8 essential points before you get yourself into trouble with your prices.


Chapter 2 - Before You Start Anything

Module 1 - Business Systems Rock!

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] Learning business systems was a game changer for me.  See how implementing systems into your business will have you working smarter, not harder.


Module 2 - Unwavering Leadership

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] Shift your mindset from small to BIG and discover how it drives 4 Business Outcomes.


Module 3 - Goal Setting

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] Running your business 'willy-nilly' will end in disaster. Being crystal clear on how to set goals will result in achieving your goals!


Module 4 - The 4 Models of Business (for the Beauty & Wellness Industry)

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Chapter 1 - The Salon, Spa & Wellness Business Blueprint Video E-Course

A Step-by-Step Business Course for Start Ups This is a at-your-own-pace video course to learn the basics of starting a new small business in the beauty & wellness industry.

You don't have to figure this business stuff out by yourself and no need to feel overwhelmed... I've covered all the information you'll need to successfully hang your shingle and start taking new clients.

Module 1  - What To Expect From This Course

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] What To Expect From This Course This video covers what you can expect to learn from this course plus what you'll need to do to squeeze every last drop of juicy information.


Module 2 - My Story

[KGVID width="700" height="520"][/KGVID] I'm just a regular gal with a clear vision & a bucket full of ambition.  Listen to how I created multiple accomplished businesses and see how you could model my success.