Can Salon Owners Have A Stress-Free December?

December is the pinnacle of revenues for most salons and spas. Guests have usually pre-booked their holiday services, and you may even have a wait list for last minute clients to get in with you. Also happening at this time, are salon owners everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief as they come out of a traditionally slow November and are comforted to watch their bank accounts drastically expand over the next month.

But pair the frenetic energy of the Christmas season with trying to accommodate as much business as possible AND the personal responsibilities at home, and this particular month can feel hugely overwhelming for salon entrepreneurs.

In fact, I remember coming home at 5:00 pm on December 24th every year and collapsing on the couch. At that point, the best Christmas present EVER would be to slip into a coma for the next three days, to catch up on sleep and not deal with anything else. That is, before returning to work on the 27th. It was hard to NOT feel bah-humbug-y about the holidays every year due to  entrepreneurial fatigue.

Today I’m helping you tap into a few stress relievers that could make this holiday season a little less “I’m exhausted!” and a little more “I’m actually ok!”

2014 could be the year where you turn the tables on end-of-the-year burnout!

1.   Make a commitment for self-care this month.

a)  Schedule a massage, a quiet time to journal or even a hot bath with a glass of wine. This concept is identical to flight attendants advising you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first. You are no good to anyone if you don’t take care of you.

b)  Go to bed earlier than usual Drink lots of water & take some B12 to give you an extra boost of energy

2.   Be firm with your boundaries

a)  Don’t be tempted to work late for those who book late.  You KNOW you will regret it the moment you look at that day in your schedule.

b)  Say ‘yes’ to yourself by saying ‘no’ to others. If you have a hard time with this, you need to read The Power of a Positive No.

c)  Have a 5 min huddle with your team before the salon opens to work out any kinks in the day, so everyone stays on time.

3.   Work smarter, not harder.

a)  Set up Instant Online Gift Certificates and direct clients to use this service so it takes the pressure off your front desk. This service could be set up on your website over the next few days (yes, DAYS).

b)  Take this last week to organize and schedule any last minute marketing. Then set it and forget it so you are not dealing with it through the month.

c)  Don’t be a hero...ask for help at home. If your kids are old enough, make a chore chart. If you can hire someone to clean your house once a week for this month…do it.

The best Christmas present ever, as a salon owner, would be to lock up on Dec 24th with an attitude of gratitude for a profitable month AND still have left over vitality to enjoy the season with your family.

It simply means being extremely mindful and protective of your energy this December.

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