Business Success: By Choice or Luck?

You know how sometimes you look at other spa owners and think "They are SO lucky to have that opportunity!" Is it luck? Or is it by choice that they are seem to have it all? 

I'm just going to be straight with you. Most of the time, luck has nothing to do with it

What does it have to do with? Some people are just better at seeing opportunities present themselves.

And when these entrepreneurs are skilled at seeing opportunities present themselves, it's often those people who are good at taking action on them. What you may think would be a lucky break, they see it as an opportunity to take action. 

I'm reading a book called Playing Big by Tara Mohr, and it has everything to do with being able to step up to play bigger in your personal life and business; to be able to take advantage of those opportunities when they come up and do the work (or play) you are meant to do.

More than anything, Ms. Mohr wants you to be able to take action on those opportunities, so that you can be one of those people who, for example, just seem to land your Ideal Client consistently and can serve those who need you most.

To become one of those people who consistently has opportunities presenting themselves because you can see them

To become one of those entrepreneurs who are comfortable taking action on those opportunities. 

However, what often holds us back from seeing opportunities and taking action on them is ourselves. 

It's scary to think about what playing bigger in your life will net you. But the first step in leadership is really all about self-awareness, right? Playing big in your life and taking big opportunities probably scares the crap out of you (truth: it scares the crap out of most people). It scares the crap out of me sometimes too.

But I think, for me, what helps me move past the fear is that I really, truly desire to serve my industry, to serve my community, to serve my children, to serve my relationships. I have a larger vision for creating opportunities, other than only for myself. And because of this, I'm willing to be in those uncomfortable places to stretch a little bit, to take the opportunities and try something new.

I leave you with a few thoughts about the opportunities that do present themselves to you. I ask you to be a little bit more aware of them they arrive. And I'd like you to be a little bit more aware of whether you are choosing to let those opportunities slide or you're choosing to grab a hold of them and do something about it.

Instead of assuming, "Some people are just lucky", reframe the thought into "Hmm, maybe I'm just not seeing the opportunities. And maybe I'm just not taking the opportunities."

Are you going to take me up on this challenge? What opportunity presented itself this week that you didn't take, but realized now you could have? Leave a comment below if this topic is creating some opportunity "activation"!


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