Busting Your Own Beliefs with Julie Atkinson

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of interviewing Julie Atkinson, a nurse and skin care therapist in the plastic surgery field. Julie owns New Look, New Life Consulting and is a professional speaker on the Canadian spa show circuit where she educates and inspires estheticians and spa owners to embrace what makes them unique and to challenge their own belief systems. Julie's stories about how she busted her own limiting beliefs are absolutely captivating! The interview was much longer than we planned...but we had SO much to talk about that was relevant to what we know you struggle with. We hope you find a few nuggets of gold that you can relate to and begin to bust your own beliefs!


Julie Atkinson will be a special guest presenter for the upcoming online course Cash Strapped to Cash Flow. What do belief systems have to do with cash flow? Plenty! If you have limiting belief systems around money & abundance, no matter how well you know your numbers...those pesky beliefs are running in the background of your subconscious wreaking havoc on your outcomes.  So you will be in for a treat if you're registered! In this course, Julie will be giving a lecture on PURPOSE, PROSPERITY + POWER.

OMG. I can't wait!