Buffer Words and Spa Business

We work in an industry that is primarily women, and that can go one of two ways. It can be loving supportive, compassionate place to work. Or the opposite. I am sure we have all experienced both. 

When I found this happening in my own business I began to implement changes. Its also when I became aware of the concept of company culture and the understanding I could design and support the type of culture I wanted for my business and what I didn't. 

One thing I noticed about having those conversations was how many minimizer, or buffer words I used  to "soften the blow" but what was really happening was I was reducing the impact my words had.

Instead of saying "I think you should....", shift it to "I need you to..."

Just state the facts.

In my Spa Business Break this week I talk about all the ways you might see this showing up and how to begin to change it. 

What is your language style? When do you use buffer words?