Avoid Spa Owner Burnout!

When you are a spa owner you are literally in the business of taking care of others. If you are a spa with a team then you are in the business of taking care of not only your clients, but your spa team as well! While we get used to putting on a happy face each day, sometimes behind the scenes we are experiencing serious burnout.

The Spa Industry doesn’t always like to talk about the burnout that can come with the long and demanding hours that come along with owning a spa. However, there is absolutely no shame in feeling like you have hit your limits.

When you are experiencing burnout, multiple things start happening. Your inner critic shows up in full force, having you believe that maybe you aren’t cut out to own a spa, or that you aren’t following through with things you said you were going to do. When you are experiencing spa burnout your inner critic is very, very persuasive.

Another key to this puzzle has to do with your expectations as a spa owner. Somewhere along the line we learn that owning a spa is tons and tons of moving pieces. It’s a lot more difficult than it seems, and WAY more time-consuming than it seems! When you start realizing what it REALLY takes to own and run a spa, you can start feeling bits of negativity creep in. This feeling of negativity is a real thing! It is called The Transition Curve.

One huge problem that comes about when you hit burnout is that you are not in a position to make tough decisions. You know changes need to be made to protect your spa business, but you cannot possibly make them while in a state of burnout!

Watch my video below as I talk about how your subconscious may be playing a role in your burnout and tips on how to protect your energy to avoid spa burnout as well as my upcoming pop up workshop on this very topic!

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