Are you training your team for a job or a career?

Is your business set up as a just “a job” for your spa staff or have you set your team up to have career opportunities?

What’s the difference between a spa job and a spa career?

  • A job is something you do to earn money and but it is not necessarily rewarding.

  • A career is a series of connected employment opportunities. Big difference!

What are your spa business values?

  • Part of finding people who are passionate about the same things that you are has to do with aligned values. The problem is most spa owners have never figured out their own values - both personally and professionally. If you don’t have clarity about what your values are, it’s almost impossible to identify a team member who holds those same values.

I highly recommend that you complete a values exercise before your next hire and include those values into your spa job descriptions and job postings. And you absolutely must weave those values into your company culture, your guest experience and your spa treatment protocols.

But here's the thing. Once you know what your values are you can't just pay lip service to it. If you don't live it and integrate it into your company culture for training and protocols, creating your values as a team & business guide is useless. If you do chose to implement your spa values though, it’s an extremely powerful tool, both for client attraction, retention and especially when attracting aligned team members.

Values, passion and alignment are not something you can train.

Are you creating a job or a career for your spa staff?

  • This is all about compensation and works best if you have a tiered system. Your compensation system should be a mapped-out process of the team members growth within the company and is connected to their metrics, skill set & company culture. Metrics are the ONLY thing that can prove a team members value as an employee, and with this tiered system, there is a clear pathway for each team member for their growth within your company.

Your spa team needs to know exactly how they can earn more money, how they can contribute more to the guest experience & the success of the spa as well as how to feel more valued within the company. With a compensation system, you can create a clear map within your company where team members see the opportunity for growth.

I have talked about the flywheel concept in previous blog posts - where it feels heavy and hard to get started with new spa business systems, but once you have it going all you need is a little push every once in a while to keep it going. When you do these little pushes, which is essentially just following your systems and supporting your team with your leadership, you have much better outcomes. Not only will the guest experience be improved, but you’ll also have your team collaborating together towards the spa goals.

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress, working hard for something we love is called passion.

-Simon Sinek

Imagine what your spa business would feel like if you took this concept of creating careers and passion and applied it to your team members or prospective new hires. You are automatically going to have more buy-in, and when there is more buy-in from a team member there is more connection, and when there is more connection everything runs a lot smoother.

If you have never done a values exercise for your business or you need some help creating systems for recruiting and hiring, contact me and we can chat about how I can help turn things around for you!