Are Business Systems Your Ultimate Self Care?

As Spa Owners we are all very familiar with the concept of self care. Its what we preach day in and day out. Unfortunately, we don't always make the connection of what self care is for ourselves when we are wearing our owner hat.

Lets talk about the perspective using business systems in your spa as a method of caring for your self. 

Typically, we have come up through the ranks and as a result we don't have huge experience in the development of tools and systems. Its all in our heads as it always has been.What would it be like if we took all of that knowledge and wrote it down? Brain dump, organize. Out of your head and onto paper.

The benefits are enormous, most notably, identifying the gaps. When we are doing it all from memory, from experience, we can sometimes miss the details that aren't working creating repeatable negative results.

Having a process, an employee handbook provides an opportunity to read through the procedures and be able to see them differently. This will support you in making sure your business is running in exactly the way you want it done. 

Successfully. Again and again. 

And then your job is to be there to nurture those systems and tools to ensure they are running exactly as you want them to be. 

Take a listen!