After The Show…Now What? (Part 1 - Product)

After The Show Part 1

Last weekend, the Esthetique Spa International held in Vancouver BC, was jam packed with all sorts of education, inspiration and cool new goodies and gadgets for the spa industry. However, when there is mega information coming at you for two days it can feel downright overwhelming when you arrive home and wonder what to do with it all.

In this week’s post, I’m focusing on what to do with all those cool new finds you’re thinking about bringing into your business.

1.  First, find yourself a big table + a few hours to go through brochures and samples to weed out what products were hype and which is truly the right fit for your business. It’s easy to get caught up in fancy gadgets and flashy products…but is it really in line with your salon vision? Once you’ve chosen the products you want to bring into your spa, use your marketing calendar to plan a thorough launch.

2.  In your excitement, are you tempted to make a quick product order and pop it on your shelf?  This is the time for critical thinking. You might get more bang for your buck if this new find can be launched at a specific time of year with a strong marketing strategy to back it up.  Or not.  But just think about it first.

3.  Speaking of planning…Does any of these purchases need to be budgeted for? Just because it is THE coolest thing you’ve ever come across and you know your clients will LOVE it, doesn’t mean you should buy it. If you don’t have the cash flow to purchase, create a plan for when you can. The bloom of a big new purchase starts to stink when you can't pay it off.

4.  If you are unsure if your market will bear this new product, test it out.  Before you invest hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars, if it's possible, why not purchase a few and ask a select group of your best clientele to test it out and give their honest feedback? To test strategically, I would suggest you create a ‘before’ baseline with each client and follow up with the ‘after’ results. You can then use this data to create a strong marketing campaign. Plus, the testimonials will act as your own social proof the product does work. If it turns out the product was a dud, you just saved yourself boxes of money from sitting on your shelf collecting dust.

Trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to discover new trends in the industry. My hope is you are making clear and strategic decisions when bringing on new products into your salon or spa.

How do you deal with all the fun products you found at trade shows?  Do they get forgotten or do you tend to over-purchase because of the excitement?  Or somewhere in between?  I'm curious...leave a comment below!