After The Show (Part 2 - Business Education)

After the Show Part 2

A few weeks ago, I brought up the topic of what to do after you’ve been at an industry trade show and you were tempted to go on a major bender of purchasing cool new products. This week I want to give some direction on what to do with all that inspiring business and career info you learned in the classes you attended…which is probably now sitting somewhere starting to collect dust!

Most of the education at these events offer a small peak into the brilliant ideas of salon & spa consultants, coaches and educators. Often you will find yourself nodding in agreement or simply gob-smacked at a strategy you hadn’t thought of before.

Some of you will find yourself looking at pages and pages of notes and feeling completely overwhelmed as to where to start.

Most of you will not look at those precious notes again.

Go find your notebook (like right now) and I will show you how to put those business ideas straight into practice with ease and confidence without feeling stunned.

1.)  Go through your notes and mark the top three presenters you saw.

2.)  Highlight the content that really spoke to you. Was it a specific strategy or was it an over-arching idea that peaked your interest?

3.)  Go to your calendar and pick a half day per month, for the next three months, to research each presenters content more in-depth.

4.)  At the beginning of each month follow their blog (if they have one) and social media to stay focused on their style of work.

4.)  Each month, make a plan for how you will apply their business building advice to your salon business.

5.)  Practice your new business tactics for at least one month to test out their advice!

6.)  At the end of the month, give your experiment an analysis to measure your results.  For example, if you were focusing on retail sales tactics, what are your sales compared to the same time last year or even last month? If you were trying out a new strategy for leadership, the analysis would be more subjective. How did you, your staff and guests react to the change? Was there an increase in confidence, company culture and client satisfaction? Measure, measure, measure for a true read on what is working & what is not.

7.)  Repeat this process for three months with each educator and you will have a strong sense of which educators are most in alignment with you and your business vision.

Being an entrepreneur means tapping into our crazy inner-scientist. We must continuously ask questions, create a hypothesis (an educated guess about how things work) and conduct experiments to be sure our guess truly does works.  If it doesn't work, we tweak our hypothesis and test again.  Test, tweak, test, tweak...until we get it right.

By following through with what you’ve learned from trade show educators, you can use the above experiments to put your new-found tactics to the test.  This process will help you feel more confident as an entrepreneur by taking steps towards positive financial results and the beautiful business vision you have.

Are you one of the few that takes action after an industry event?  How do you think it's effected your business?