Creating Action Steps For Your Spa Systems

Now that you have clear goals for what spa systems you need to implement for 2019, You may be all set to create a new marketing system, hiring system, or management system for your spa. Now is the time to sit down and start writing out all of the action steps for your system.

This is often times where our goals start to derail. I know I’ve mentioned this many times, and it’s true. We are great at creating new ideas for our spas, but not so great at implementing. One problem is that you may not actually know all of the steps that goes into the system that you are trying to create to improve your spa. Another is that you aren’t giving your new spa system creation the time it deserves.

Be sure to block off an ample amount of time to really sit down and dig into the steps needed for your new spa system. I know it’s hard, and it’s going to feel like you should be or need to be doing something else. There will always be other spa task that you feel needs to be done instead of taking that time to create a system for your spa. Trust me, this is important too! Creating a system for whatever it is you need in place now will help you out in the long run and will make you not only feel, but BE more organized with your spa.

If you are just too unsure of the steps needed for a certain system, please reach out for help! Check out the video below to hear more on creating action steps for your spa business!