5 Marketing Gems from Social Media Camp 2015

Wow, what an event! This was my first Social Media Camp, and I was incredibly fortunate that Canada’s largest social media’s conference was in my hometown of Victoria, BC. For most of the salon & spa industry, social media marketing is a confusing. What should I post? Where should I post it? How do I sell on social? Which platforms should I use? How do I keep up with it all? Presenters from this event gave some big-picture realities of social media marketing.

1. Social Media is only a tool to tell your story.

This ties into your brand awareness. “Brands are a collection of stories,” says Marc Stoiber “and social media is only a tool to tell those stories”. Social media has become a shiny penny for marketing, and it’s caused companies to veer away from powerful storytelling. To tap back into your story, Stoiber suggests four steps: listen to your passion, think about what the points of alignment are between you and your ideal client, give exceptional service and then use Social Media to allow your guest to weave their story into your brand.

2. Social Media is about building awareness…not sales.

You may notice all the sales-y ads in your newsfeed and assume that because everyone else is selling on social media, you should too.

Social Media should simply bring consumer awareness to your business.  John Jantsh told us that "the key to marketing is organizing consumer behavior." Use your social media platforms as a way of boosting your know, like & trust factor so when a guest ready to buy, you are already top of mind."  57% of any typical purchasing decisions are made before a client calls you. Wow!

3. Twitter is a conversation, not a selling tool.

Twitter is like drinking from the fire hose…so much information at an incredible speed! For that reason, don’t use Twitter as a broadcasting tool for sales because it moves too fast. Instead, use it as a way to connect and engage (you know…building relationships?) with your tribe, or the people you want to be in your tribe.

In a panel discussion for Social Media 101, it was suggested that Twitter is best used as a ‘listening tool’, as an opportunity to find your place in a conversation. Just be aware of when it’s appropriate to jump in.

4. Facebook is now considered Pay-to-Play.

We all know our organic reach (how many of your fans see your posts) is at an all time low (> 6%). But even though Facebook has been moving the platform into paid ads, don’t get your knickers in a twist about it. Facebook ads can be highly targeted and are still very inexpensive. Embrace learning how to effectively use Boost Post or Power Editor to awareness to your brand.

5. Social Media + Recruiting

This class was one of my favorite sessions. Presenter Denise Lloyd said, “The employer brand is the foundation of recruitment.” The benefits of using social media to recruit are that it connects with a large pool of active and passive job seekers, it sends an authentic and multi-media message, and it lowers the cost of sourcing potential staff. By the way…had you thought about having employee testimonials on your career page? Brilliant!

There are so many more social media gems I could share with you from this conference, but these were my top five takeaways to give!