3 Tips to Keep Your Entrepreneurial Energy UP!

Do you remember when you first opened your spa? 

I remember being so excited about this grand new adventure, it felt like I had tapped into a well of boundless energy; waking up early with ideas, working long days for months getting the decor, website, and menus just right, and staying up late going over plans.

I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to open a spa back then. My sheer joy of being a part of the spa industry had created a seemingly boundless resource of energy to use for my business.

That is...until I worked so hard the well ran dry. And if I'm being completely honest, the exhaustion and subsequent lack of focus had me questioning my confidence as an entrepreneur.

I needed to figure out how to find enough energy to pick myself up, dust myself off, fill up my energetic "tank" and get back on track of my spa business goals.

It's critical you have a few stress-busting strategies in your spa pocket right now is because it's the time of year when we reflect back on our 2016 spa goals...and perhaps you're not in the financial situation you'd hoped to be by now.

And that may be be causing you to feel a little blue about yourself as a spa owner. 

Today I'm sharing 3 actions I use in my own business to help keep my entrepreneurial energy up and my focus on point!