2017 Planning Day Pre-Training

You started in the spa industry with a vision to make a difference.

When you decided to open your spa business you dreamed of helping humanity feel and see their inner and outer beauty. And there was such satisfaction for you when...

  • you saw a client's face light up at their own reflection...
  • you heard a guest snoring gently during a facial because of your healing touch...
  • you received thanks for your tender care as tears brimmed in your client's eyes.

You thought with experiences like these, owning a spa would mean endless days of giving treatments and hanging out with amazing clients who appreciated you.

Yet, that's not the way reality played out.

You didn't count on how HARD it is to run your spa business.

This fall, I've got training for you to make 2017 more organized, profitable and help keep you sane! It's all FREE!

Step # 1  

Click HERE to download + print the Virtual Planning Day Pre-Training workbook!

Step #2

Watch the training! Take notes, brainstorm and track your a-ha moments in your workbook.

Step #3

Your next step is to take the 2017 Strategic Vision Plan you've just finished creating and work it into your full spa business strategy for the upcoming year.

If you don't want to create your 2017 Strategic Plan by yourself (or don't know where to start!), our Spa Business Virtual Planning Day is for you if...

  • You feel a calling to “play bigger” in your spa business, but you’re unsure what that looks like or what steps to take next.
  • You’d rather be organized and stress-free than spend another year flying-by-the-seat-of your-pants at the spa.
  • You want to soak up wisdom on how to better allocate time and resources so you can have… more time and resources!
  • You need clarity about who your Ideal Client is because you’ve realized to be truly “in service” to your guests, your whole business requires you to know them and build your services around their needs.
  • You crave clarity around what your financial goals should be and how to motivate you and your team to reach them each month.
  • You long to regain your confidence and passion for the spa industry. Hell, you may even want business to be downright fun again!

Join us on Monday, November 14th for an epic day of online spa business planning for 2017! 
Click below for more info & to register.