Where Do I Find My Ideal Client?

Finding your ideal client can feel like this huge mystery. But where you need to start out, before trying to figure out where they are, is to discover who your ideal client is.

Your Ideal Client

Nailing down your Ideal Client, it's not as easy a task as you may think because it goes beyond your traditional demographics of age, sex, where they live and how much their household income generates. You need to look at their psychographics; peoples' behaviours and interests. Once you know what kind of activities they like or the places they go in their personal lives, you’ve just found the key to figuring out where our clients are hanging out.

Now it's time to do some market research as to where your Ideal Clients are.

Let’s say your Ideal Client is a Baby Boomer. They don't have kids at home anymore, they're probably retired and they most likely have very specific activities that they do in their spare time. Maybe they're golfers, gardeners, hikers, walkers, or runners. Maybe they are passionate about being in service to the community and are involved in Rotary, reading to elementary school children or volunteering at the hospital. Each of your businesses will have different Ideal Clients, and it's up to you to do your market research by paying attention to your client conversations, or interview friends or family who are in this psychographic.

Finding Ideal Clients In-Person

Let say one of the activities your Ideal Clients have is gardening. A reasonable opportunity to connect with more local gardeners would be to approach a gardening club in your area. Perhaps you could strike up a relationship with the people leading that group and offer to do a ten-minute talk about organic skincare or hand and foot care. These are relevant topics to gardeners! Why not talk about how their personal interests relates to skin care and spa industry? You're providing value (in the form of education), and when you provide value, that's when you can position yourself as an expert, and you begin forming trust as an entrepreneur.

For a spa that specializes in Brow Artistry or waxing, your ideal client is most likely in their twenties, and their brow game is a big priority. Usually in that time of our lives, we are in some of post-secondary or, maybe recent alumni. If you have a local community college or university close by, this would the first place I’d go to start looking at how I can connect with that group of people!

Your next step would be to go to these schools to see if there is anywhere that you can post a flyer, maybe there is something you can offer some of their students groups. It's up to you to do the legwork and strategize what you want to offer, and where you can offer it.

Finding Ideal Clients On Social Media

Now, the second part of where to find your Ideal Client is to analyze where they hang out on social media. If you look at the research, Gen-Xers and the Baby Boomers are active on multiple social media platforms, but the bulk of their time is using Facebook. If you have a younger demographic, like Millennials, for example, they mostly use Instagram and SnapChat.

If your Ideal Clients are Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers, focus the majority of your marketing efforts on Facebook, especially if you are a spa owner who is managing your own Social Media accounts. Remember, you don't have an unlimited supply of time, and I suggest you be strategic about where you are spending your energy on social media marketing.

Your Action Steps:

If you're serious about focusing your marketing on your Ideal Client, I have an exercise for you to complete.

1. Spend a time brainstorming WHO your Ideal Client is. And only when you are very clear about these people, begin researching where they could be hanging out.

2. Once you’ve done your market research, it’s time to turn on the hustle. Get yourself out of the spa and start making your business visible to those groups of people who are your Ideal Client.

If you need help narrowing down who your ideal client is, you can schedule a 30-minute complimentary coaching session with here.