Its Not Your Ideas That Tank Your Spa Strategy

Every spa entrepreneur I’ve met has a similar mindset about moving their business forward.

They’re frustrated beyond reason that many of their business goals are never achieved.

Despite putting effort into coming up with creative marketing ideas, strategies for improving services booked and retail sold or tasking yourself with creating a systematized training program, this continuous pattern of making goals but not seeing them through can lead even the most confident spa owner to question their abilities and sometimes, even wonder if they’ve made a huge mistake opening their doors.

“Why can’t I get this work DONE?” you ask?

Is it that you don’t have enough ambition? NO.

Is it because your ideas are not good enough? NO.

Is it because you don’t have enough resources? NO.

Is it because you’re not a good business person? NO.

Is it because you lack grit? NO.

The reason why you almost never reach your spa business goals is because you lack an effective implementation method.

Let’s take a look at the path most spa owners follow with their business ideas:

1.    You’re frustrated at the slow pace of growing your spa revenues.

2.    You decide to get serious about mapping out how you’ll bring in new business.

3.    You sit down with a notebook and pen and brainstorm marketing ideas.

4.    You feel inspired with one particular idea and take first steps to action it out.

5.    Shortly after, you stall at an unanticipated speed bump (pick any one: putting out fires with clients or staff, stuff comes up with family, you get distracted with another idea you heard about on social, you’re tired and can’t focus, you’re didn’t book enough admin time, etc)

6.    You keep thinking about the action steps you’re supposed to be doing, but there never seems to be time. What are you expected to do?

7.    It’s been six months since you last looked at your original strategy and realize nothing has changed in your sales because your marketing action steps petered out.

8.    You feel crappy about yourself and your leadership.

9.    You wonder how you’ll ever get out of this cycle and FINISH a project.

You need to know: it’s not your ideas that tank your spa strategy. It’s your implementation.

“[The 12-Week Year] creates a sense of clarity regarding what is important, and a sense of urgency each day to do what is necessary.”

Morgan & Lennington, The 12-Week Year.

So how does one get out of this “idea graveyard”?

You pay attention to where your plan is falling apart and find a different approach.

For me, the methodology of The 12-Week Year has been a game-changer. And although I’m only halfway through my plan, I can already see the results of an organic (not paid)  social media brand visibility strategy. Here are a few of the changes I’ve tracked in the past six weeks since shifting my implementation practices.

Over the last 28 days, compared to the month before...

  • My FB page LIKES are up 44%
  • My FB page ACTIONS (clicking on my contact info or CTA button) are up 800%
  • My website views are up 16%

Not only have I been able to see the outcomes materialize quickly, and before I've completed the 12-week plan, I’ve felt more in control of my work days and definitively more accomplished by the end of my week.

"Focus is a matter of deciding what things you're NOT going to do." John Carmack

And although there always seem like there could be more for me to do, when I’m referring to my 12-week plan every day, it puts into perspective how powerful this method is when heading for the goal line.

By stacking one after the other, it’s glaringly obvious why The 12-Week Year works for so many people committed to this system.

Pair it up with the focus techniques from the book The One Thing, and you've got a recipe for achieving anything you set your mind to.

Will I falter with my 12-week year?

I'm sure. I’m human.

Will I choose to dust myself off and get back on my plan?

You bet. I’m committed.

Join me next week, Wednesday May 24th, for a free business webinar teaching you the implementation methods of The 12-Week Year and how to apply them to the spa industry and your specific goals.